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HeyGroup Team Spotlight: NU Men’s Club Basketball

Updated: Apr 25

Knox Lendall, the head coach for NU Men's Club Basketball, the #1 team in the NCBBA, New England Regional Champs, and Happy Valley Tip-Off Champs for the '23-'24 season, uses HeyGroup to organize his team.

Knox Interview

Knox Lendall, head coach of Northeastern Men’s Club Basketball Team, welcomed the opportunity to ditch an array of apps and get his operations into one. Using HeyGroup to stay on top of everything allows Knox to spend less time organizing and focus on winning games.

HeyGroup made sure his team’s communication and coordination was all in one place. Both the A & B teams have around 16-18 players each and are loving HeyGroup. Primarily, they use it for communication and scheduling for practices and games.

Take Knox’s word: His team is #1 in the country!

Onboarding was very easy. Knox put all of the team’s practices into HeyGroup and has all players RSVP so he knows who is coming to practice. He can also look back using reports to see who came to what and decide who will play on game day.

NU Club Men's Basketball Team

NU Club Men's Basketball Team

Since only 10-12 players are selected for game days, Knox can specifically send out the invite to only those people for that match. The team utilizes the group chat for general communication. The additional event chat is used to discuss the details of that days game, which is created for just those people going.

Knox says other teams that use GroupMe are scrolling through long chats, as there is no way to see who is going to what. HeyGroup’s calendar feature quickly provides a snapshot of RSVPs to practices and games without having to leave the app. Players can also easily add them to their Google or Apple calendars. This keeps things organized for everyone.

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