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Use Cases

Discover some specific use cases for HeyGroup. Are you a tennis coach, the leader of a school-based organization, or just want to get together with your friends? HeyGroup's advanced features for active groups make event scheduling, group chatting, expense managing, attendance tracking, and so much more, easier!

Image by Alicja Gancarz

Racket Sports Teams

From tennis to pickleball...

Practice and match scheduling

Court fee expense tracking

Quick racket plays

Min and max attendance limits for doubles and singles

Team group chat

Match-specific event group chat

Club Sports Teams

From basketball to water polo...


Practice and match scheduling

Team group chat

Match-specific event group chat

Equipment expense tracking

Team outing split expense tracking

Image by Chino Rocha
Flag Football Players

Pick-up Sports

From recreational to professional...

Quick play event creation

Match-specific event group chat

Pick-up team group event chat

One-off event capabilities

Group outing expense tracking

Social Club/Organization

From Model UN to SGA...

Meeting scheduling

Club/Organization group chat

Meeting-specific event chat

Membership fee expense tracking

Group outing expense tracking

Meeting attendance reporting and tracking

Group event planning

Students Sitting on Staircase
Image by Glade Optics

Shared Vacation Homes

From Ski Leases to Beach Rentals...

One-off event capabilities

Weekend rental fee expense tracking

Food split expense tracking

Trip event-specific group chat

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