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Access to notification preferences, log out, preferred payment method for split expense, help center, and contact us.

Groups or Friends

Toggle between view of the groups you are a member of, or all the people your are connected through in these groups.

Group Details

Click on the group to see all the group information and access group services, such as members, group events, group announcement, and group chat.

Launch Button

Click on the button to post an announcement, create chat, create a new group, enter a split expense, post a new poll, or create a new event.


The navigation bar allows you to switch between the calendar, chat, and activity views.

Calendar View

Event Card

Summary of the event, status, and responses. Click on the event card to view all event details.


Click on filter to view hidden events only. User can choose to hide events so that they do not appear in the upcoming view.

Event Reply

Click on "Reply" to respond to an event.

View Type

Switch between upcoming (all future events), All (all future events and hidden events), and Past (all events in the past).

Event View

Event Details

Here you will find useful information about the event, such as date/time, address, description, and any announcements 

Calendar Link

Click on the icon to add the event to your iPhone or Android calendar.

Group and Event Chat

Click on the event to access the event chat, and click on group to access the group chat channel.

NOTE : Invited members and those who have responded No are not included in the event chat by default. They can join manually by clicking on the event chat icon. 

SMS Blast

Use this to send an SMS to select members as a nudge to respond, or to share more details.

Event RSVP

The button shows your current RSVP status, click to update.

Event Share / Invite

Here you will find options to invite people from contacts, or share the event link. There may be restrictions set by the admin.

Group View

Group Invite Links

You can use the share link icon to copy the link and send to a new member to join, or add contacts to add new users to the group from your contacts. 

Group Chat

Clci here to access the group chat channel. 

Group Restriction Lock

The lock indicates whether the group is restricted or not. Restricted groups require admin approval for new members to join.

Group Reference Links

Use edit group to add URL links to your group details that group members can use as a shortcut to web sites or cloud files.

Group Events

Here you will find a list of upcoming and past events for your group.

  • How is content on HeyGroup moderated?
    At HeyGroup, we're providing a mobile app where you can connect with your groups through in-person events and online chat. We believe by being more connected you and your community will be stronger, happier and healthier. We strive to make sure that everyone feels welcome. We expect everyone on HeyGroup to conduct themselves in a way that is safe, respectful and inclusive of others. We expect the content and experiences shared through HeyGroup to be authentic, useful and healthy for your group, and always stay within and compliant with the local governing law. However, if you do feel that there has been a breach of the HeyGroup Community Rules, then we offer the following tools and services as support: Contact your group or event organizer. Organizers are responsible for enforcing the HeyGroup Community Rules, and they have tools they can use to address the issue directly. Flag content for review and action by the HeyGroup team In the chat channel for a group or an event, you can select the message you wish to flag by clicking and holding the message in breach, and then selecting "Flag Message" from the menu that appears. A member of the HeyGroup team will respond to you with the outcome of the review with 5 business days.
  • Why use Heygroup?
    Heygroup makes group coordination easy. We are a fun, easy to use app for Chat + Events. We support all kinds of Events such as recurring, min/max # of people and availability management. You can also invite a subset of your group to an event or add people in "waves". We take security seriously - all groups are private (you can even approve each member if you want), we don't sell your data, and there are no ads. You can invite people to the group from contacts or from a link that you can share on any platform.
  • Why can't I sign up for HeyGroup?
    HeyGroup is currently only available in the following countries... United States of America Australia United Kingdom Ireland Canada New Zealand South Africa Singapore Uruguay Argentina If you are interested in HeyGroup, and would like your country added, then please contact us:
  • Who is HeyGroup for?
    If you're fed up with group chats (SMS, Whatsapp, Groupme) or clunky outdated tools like Teamsnap, for getting your group organized then HeyGroup is perfect for you. Just create your group, invite your friends and you're done. Everyone has access to chat, creating/RSVPing to events, and notifications
  • How do I get my Group onto HeyGroup?
    It's not always easy to get your group to switch to a new app. Here are a few ideas from other HeyGroup users that they've found work: As Captain/Organizer, tell them how much work it is for you to manage the team in chat/email, other tools and you are switching to HeyGroup to streamline group communication, tracking RSVPs and reduce your workload. Impress upon them that everyone needs to switch for this to work. Tell them to turn notifications "ON". Tell them to put the app on the home screen of the phone so they can see unread badge count Send a follow up communication to those that have not yet joined the group letting them know that most of the group has made the switch and you're just waiting on them. Follow up with laggards individually. Hopefully this worked!! If you have any other tips please let us know at!!
  • How do I invite people to groups?
    There are a few options: From contacts with phone #s - this is best as you can track who has or hasn't joined the group yet and easily resend the invitation Via a group link - this is great if you have an existing chat or email group that you can just drop the link into. Via an event link - if you send a "member event link" anyone that clicks on it will be prompted to download the app and join the group. You can add people to groups during Group Create, or any time from the Group Details View.
  • What's the difference between groups and events?
    HeyGroup is centered around groups that you want to get together with on a regular basis. You might want to create a group for your sports teams, clubs, friend groups or really any group of people that you want to spend time with. Each group can have one or multiple events (aka activities). Events can be created by the group organizer or ANY group member. By default, all group members can see and are invited to all events, although you can customize this. We also support one-time events. Read about this in the 'events" section of the FAQ
  • What types of Groups does Heygroup support?
    We support all kinds of groups from large to small, for sports, social, clubs, communities or any group that wants to get together often. We have a lot of tennis and pickleball groups, college sports and social clubs, recreational sports and lots of friend groups. Our advanced features such as group and event chat, many different types of event types (recurring, paid, max/min #s, wait lists) with RSVPs and event reminders along with calendar sync make us a great choice for active groups that find it hard to stay organized in typical chat apps
  • Can admins update members RSVP for them?
    Yes, admins can go into the Attendance section of the event and click "..." to update any group members response.
  • What types of events do you support
    Most events are simple with a date/time and location however you can create other types of events including: Recurring - perfect for practices or regular group meetings Max or Min # of people (with max you have the option to use a waitlist) Captains Pick - here group members will say if they're available and the captain can pick who they want to attend/play. Paid - if you want to charge a fee to attend an event we provide an easy way to track who has and hasn't paid you yet (Note: we don't do the payment, we just allow you to track who has paid you via paypal, venmo or other)
  • Can I invite a guest to an event?
    Yes - we have an event guest link that you can share with people outside the group. When they click on the link it will prompt them to join HeyGroup if they're not a user, and then they'll be able to RSVP to the event but they will not see the group, or become a member of the group.
  • How do I create a recurring event?
    From your group details view, or event view, click the action button to create a new event On the first set-up screen, give your event series a name and set a date for the 1st event in the series Set the "Recurring event" option to on, and select the frequency of the series - Daily, Weekly, Every 2 Weeks, Monthly, or Annually. Set an end date for the series. NOTE The maximum number of events in a series is 52 All the events in the series will have the same values as the initial event, such as title, chat option, location, description, attendance limit, and/or paid. To change these values, you can edit one or more the events after the recurring event series has been created.
  • Do you support SMS blasts for reminders?
    Yes, for each event, the admin will see a turquoise speaker, that will allow them to easily blast a message about the event out to group members via SMS. This is a great way to get people's attention if they're not responding to app notifications/reminders.
  • Why do I see a green dot on my chat channel?
    An activity green dot will be displayed on a channel icon/badge when all the members of that channel have the HeyGroup app open on their device.
  • How does chat work?
    Group Chat Every group will automatically have a group chat channel that all group members are part of. This can be used to chat with other group members to plan events etc. with the entire group. Event Chat When a user creates an event for a group, they also have the option to create a new event chat channel. That chat channel is specifically for that event only (recurring series would have different chat for each event in the series). Group members that have replied as "going" or "maybe" will be automatically added to the event chat channel. Whereas, group members that have replied as "unavailable" will not be added to the event chat so they do not need to hear about the details of an event they have no intention of attending. But, if they do want to know what is going on, other group members who want to join event chat but has said they are not going can do so by clicking the chat box on the Event details screen. If a group member wants to leave any chat channel they can do so by going into the chat channel and clicking at the top right. Here they can also mute the channel. Direct Chat You can also chat to your connections directly, or start chatting with 2 or more connections on a separate channel. You can start a direct chat by clicking on your connection, from the home screen, or clicking the create new message icon on the chat screen.
  • What notifications do you send?
    Today we send notifications to admins for the following: When someone joins a group When someone RSVPs to and event When the min number has not been met for an event with a Min # We also send notifications to everyone for the following: When they owe money (when expense first entered and then weekly reminder) When there's a new chat When there's a new event As previously mentioned, also event reminders 1 day and 1 hr prior to the event, and a reminder 2 days prior to RSVP if they haven't
  • How do notifications work on HeyGroup?
    Members will receive alerts in the following ways: 1. phone notifications - these can be configured on your phone. For IOS go to Settings ->Notifications ->HeyGroup - there you can configure Banner style, sounds and badges. 2. Red badge count on the app and in the app on the menu at the bottom where you have an action to take. We highly recommend that you put HeyGroup on the first page of your phone so you can see if you have a notification (event or chat). 3. Activity menu in app. All notifications will also be in here (except Chat). When you click on the "Activity" view in the app, it will show everything as read and clear all your unread badge count.
  • What event reminders do you send group members?
    We send group members a reminder to reply to an event 2 days prior (if they haven't already). For those that have RSVP'd as "Going" we send a reminder 1 day and 1 hr before the event.
  • What are Expenses and how does it work?
    Often groups want to share costs such as splitting bills are restaurants, sharing cost of equipment, court fees, captain gifts etc. HeyGroup makes this easy by allowing the person that paid to create a "Split Expense" under the purple + button in the bottom right of the app. You can spit the expense with the group, everyone that attended an event, or a subset of either. Just enter the amount you spent and who to split it with an we'll do the match (or you can enter amount owed per person if you prefer). Additionally users can create a "Paid Event" and everyone that RSVPs as "Going" will show as "Owes You" money. Add you payment info to your personal profile (top right of app). If you prefer Paypal or Venmo, you can enter it in the url format such as Name so when the user clicks on it, the Venmo or Paypal app will be launched automatically. Note: HeyGroup doesn't actually do the payment transaction. We just keep track of who owes who money and allow either the payer or the receiver of money to mark the amount owed as "paid".
  • What is Settle Up?
    We often find groups have lots of small expenses back and forth which they might not want to pay every time but rather "settle up" the total amount at some point. With HeyGroup you can see the total amount that You Owe, or that someone Owes You at any time, and "Settle Up" the total amount. You can also pay as you go along if you prefer.
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