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Our Story

HeyGroup, founded in 2021 by Lynn Mickleburgh, emerged from a place of familiar frustration. An active participant in various sports pick-ups and leagues, networking groups, and book clubs, Lynn found herself grappling with the chaotic scattering of vital information across emails, texts, spreadsheets, and multiple other platforms. This disorganization sparked Lynn's idea to devise an app that addressed this widespread problem in a novel way, distinct from existing solutions. Something more organized than texts or WhatsApp but more fun and user friendly than outdated web-based sports apps. A modern, free, secure mobile app for active groups, allowing anyone to create events with advanced customization, streamlining and highlighting the RSVP process, and of course, integrating chat, all in one place.  


The HeyGroup team's focus on a simple, fun experience has already resulted in the creation of hundreds of groups on HeyGroup including tennis, baseball, basketball, pickleball, and soccer teams, not to mention a plethora of social groups and clubs. While still in its early stages, Lynn and the HeyGroup team are dedicated to continuously improving the user experience, with a strong feedback loop, aiming to make getting together easy so everyone can spend more time having fun together in the real world.

Meet The Team

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