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New HeyGroup Releases

We're continually striving to deliver an even better experience for our users. Below you will find an overview and details of our most recent releases and new features.

🌟 Release 9.4: Singapore

Stay connected and ensure your messages stand out with our latest feature: Post Announcement 📣 !


Designed for group and event organizers to broadcast important updates directly to participants' feeds, this feature makes communication effortless and more effective.



  • Direct Feed Posts: Your announcements will appear prominently in your group or event feed.

  • Instant Notifications: Members are notified instantly, so your message gets immediate attention.

  • Add Photos & Files: Enhance your announcements with visuals or attach files for easy access.

Upgrade your communication game and ensure your important updates never get lost in the shuffle. Try "Post Announcement" today and keep your group or team engaged and informed!

HeyGroup Release Singapore

Release 9.25: Sydney

Welcome to a revitalized HeyGroup experience with Version 9.2.5, where each app opening greets you with a vibrant new launch screen. For our global community, we've introduced the flexibility to define time zones for events, avoiding the confusion when travelling. Chatting is more expressive and fun with enhanced emoji reactions, and staying informed is easier than ever as email notifications now include direct links to your events and groups. Along with these exciting features, we've continued our commitment to a smooth HeyGroup journey by squashing more bugs and enhancing overall performance. Dive into this updated version and experience the ease and joy of connecting with your HeyGroup community!

🌟 Release 9.3: Boston

Our biggest release yet!

New Referral Feature - Expand Your Circle!
  • Track Invitations: Easily see who you've invited and who's joined HeyGroup, thanks to your recommendation.

  • Grow Your Network: Watch your HeyGroup community flourish as more friends join through your referrals.

Streamlined Invitation Flow - Simplicity at Its Best!
  • Unified Process: Whether it's for groups, events, split expenses, or polls, enjoy a seamless invitation experience.

  • Direct or Group Invites: Choose to send invites to individual contacts or groups with just a few clicks.

The "+ Launch" Menu - Quick Access to HeyGroup Magic!

  • Instant Feature Access: Dive into any feature of HeyGroup instantly from this new, convenient menu.

  • Organizer RSVP Option: As an event organizer, you now have the power to RSVP to your own events effortlessly.

🛠️ Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved Stability: We've squashed bugs and upgraded to the latest libraries for chat and React Native, ensuring a smoother HeyGroup experience.

HeyGroup Release 8.23

Release 8.23: Calgary

A fresh option called "New Racket Play" has been added to the + launch menu. The new racket play allows users to quickly schedule racket play events, doubles or singles, and a new visual design to see when players join you to create a complete event. Popular racket sports like Tennis and Pickleball are provided as default options, but users can customize these preferences by favoriting alternative activities. Simplified the create/edit group flow by introducing a "URL Links" field where users can add up to 5 links. Finally, there's a revamped event details experience, granting users the flexibility to chat either exclusively with event participants or the broader group.

Release 8.21: San Francisco

The latest update introduces sleeker URL designs in chats and direct access to events from chat headers. Users can now send SMS reminders to non-respondents, see a dynamic list when inviting contacts, and utilize a waitlist feature for full events. Additionally, users can now directly add events to their calendar, enhancing scheduling convenience.

Release 8.21
Release 8.19

Release 8.19: Bali

The latest update for HeyGroup introduces the ability for Group Organizers to transfer their role to another member. The new home screen now includes a summary of expenses owed and owed to you, as well as a connections list to quickly access details of people you are connected to through your groups. Additionally, events can now be invited to from existing groups, new groups, contacts, or via a link, and a calendar view has been introduced for easier schedule navigation. The update also includes different event lists for better organization: Active (events yet to respond, going, available, or maybe), All (active events and those not attending), Hidden (hidden events and those attached to hidden groups), and Past (past or canceled events). Furthermore, a new referral action offers points and rewards to users who recommend the HeyGroup app to others.

Release 8.13: Tokyo

The new release of HeyGroup introduces the ability to directly add users to groups and invite them to events. Default groups are now available on the home screen, and event summaries display the number of available members. Additionally, the chat feature has quick links for photos and camera, and events linked to hidden groups are now hidden. User profiles have been updated with an "About me" section, and users can now opt for email notifications. The user interface now scales to the preferred font size on mobile phones for an improved user experience.

Release 8.13
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