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Using HeyGroup in unique ways: UCI Climbing

Learn more about how the Club Climbing Team at UC-Irvine uses HeyGroup to plan practices, coordinate trip details, and actually get outside and onto the mountain.

UCI Climbing team

Streamlining Communication

Carlie Graham, president of Club Climbing at the University of California-Irvine, is HeyGroup’s newest unique leader. The climbing club brings together many students who want to boost their participation and engagement in a recreational activity. This past quarter, Carlie spearheaded a significant change by streamlining her club's communications and operations through the adoption of HeyGroup.

Charlie Said:

“Previously, we grappled with a chaotic mix of communication tools, including email chains, Instagram, Discord, and GroupMe.”

By consolidating their efforts into HeyGroup, Carlie and her members have been able to simplify everything and save time planning practices and trips.

Increasing Engagement

Within the HeyGroup ecosystem, both competitive and recreational members collaborate seamlessly. The platform serves as a central hub for organizing a range of activities, from casual practice sessions to structured climbing expeditions across California and beyond. Additionally, members coordinate outings and competitive events sanctioned by USA Climbing, increasing engagement and fostering a strong sense of community within the club.

Favorite Feature

A favorite feature of UCI-Climbing's club is the use of event chat which is a chat channel automatically created by HeyGroup for each event and includes just those members that are going on the trip. This allows people going on the trip to efficiently plan the details without inundating the broader organization with unnecessary chat notifications, thus streamlining communication and enhancing overall efficiency.

Pro Tip for Smooth Onboarding

For those looking to replicate UCI-Climbing's success, a valuable Pro Tip emerges: the club has made its HeyGroup easily accessible by prominently featuring the link on its Instagram account. By ensuring that all members have quick and convenient access to the group, UCI-Climbing has prioritized smooth onboarding and enhanced connectivity among its members.

Building a Vibrant Community

As Carlie continues to drive innovation and growth within Club Climbing at UC Irvine, her leadership exemplifies the transformative power of effective communication and collaboration. By leveraging technology and fostering a vibrant community, Carlie and her team are scaling new heights of success in the world of collegiate climbing clubs!!

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the dynamic world of Club Climbing at UC Irvine!

UCI Climbing Team

Other Helpful Features

Recently, the group has enjoyed using HeyGroup’s smart notifications to remind members to RSVP to events. These versatile notifications can be delivered through the app, email, or text, offering users a personalized experience tailored to their preferences.

Additionally, Carlie said the group plans to soon start using HeyGroup’s easy in-app split payment feature to keep track of trip expenses and easily know who owe’s who what.

Carlie describes HeyGroup as a “fun, easy to use hybrid platform that combines  group chat with the fundamental planning aspects of running a group allowing my team to easily communicate and stay organized.” 

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