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HeyGroup Spotlight: NU Empower Weightlifting, empowering 100+ women in the gym.

Updated: May 6

Growing a College Community

Lizel Fehr is co-founder of Northeastern University Empower Weightlifting, a fitness group Empowering women to gain confidence in the gym.


Founded in 2022, over the past year, Lizel helped grow Empower to over 100 members.

Empower grew entirely from word of mouth. New members joined because of their fun and informative events such as group lifts, guest speakers on weightlifting and nutrition, and social activities.

As the community grew, Lizel and the executive committee implemented an organizational structure with a 9-person leadership team. The Community Chair is responsible for club communication on HeyGroup and over 100 general members that come to meetings and attend events.

HeyGroup has made it easier than ever for Empower to organize, plan and execute events –Lizel Fehr

"We love the ability to easily invite members, track RSVPs, and communicate in the event-specific chat with just those that are going.” Lizel said.

Onboarding Your Members

“Onboarding was very easy. People were immediately like this is so great. I love HeyGroup. I love being able to see who’s going.” All Lizel had to do was send the group link in their old group chat and transition members into HeyGroup.

This past semester, Empower has run consistent group lifts and expanded their events to include crossfit HIIT classes, cycle-specific training, fitness around the world, and collaborations with other on-campus organizations.

A big plus for Empower members is the ability to see who has signed up for what. By being able to see who is going to what event, it encourages other members to attend when they see familiar names on the list. Additionally, chatting in the event chat allows them to share event-specific details without distracting the larger group.

Lizel “would definitely pick HeyGroup over Slack,” thanks to its advanced event capabilities, RSVP features and notifications in addition to just chat.

HeyGroup + Empower Partnership

HeyGroup and Empower have had an amazing partnership - together we ran an end-of-semester fundraiser at the beginning of April, raising money so the club can successfully grow and support its members.

HeyGroup has been a game changer. Thank you! –Lizel Fehr

 She suggests that if there are active groups out there like Empower, they should get onto HeyGroup too!

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