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Tips'n'Tricks for Team Organizers: From Spreadsheet Sorcery to HeyGroup Heroism

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Ah, being a team captain or organizer is never easy! Historically, it's been much like herding cats in a thunderstorm. From juggling SMS, Email, Google Sheets (and oh boy, sometimes all at once) to get my team rallied, I’ve experienced it all. Think of that scene from “The Office” where everything is on fire. Yeah, that was me - a regular 'Captain Chaos'.

However, for the past few months, I’ve been donning the captain's hat for several teams on HeyGroup, and hallelujah, it’s been smooth sailing. So, from one captain to another, here's a treasure map (or just some cool tips) on how to sail smoothly with HeyGroup.

1. The "Why" Before the "How":

Before you ask your crew (read: team) to download yet another app to their already cluttered phones, give them a reason. Throw in a dramatic plea like, “Hey folks, let’s use HeyGroup! It’s where we can plot our team’s world domination - and also manage our events, see who's available, make sure we have the numbers, chat about logistics/line-ups, and track expenses, all in one place.”

2. Invitations - Not the Hogwarts Kind, but Close Enough:

Once you've set up your group, you can either a) conjure a link to send via SMS or email or b) invite straight from your contacts. I recommend the latter because, let's face it, tracking who's aboard (and who's walking the plank) is much easier, and it allows you to see who you've invited to the group and who has yet to sign up.

3. The App - Make it Front and Center:

Kindly (or sternly, your choice) remind everyone to turn on those notifications. Pro tip: Ask them to place the app on their home screen. It's like putting the compass right next to the ship's wheel.

4. To Poll or Not to Poll?

Can’t decide on a practice day? Create a poll and send it into the group chat! Once everyone miraculously agrees on a day and time, set it as a “recurring” event. Captains, a heads up! There's this snazzy “waitlist” feature for when you've got more players than the arena can handle. Use minimum and maximum attendance limits for matches and pull players from the waitlist if someone drops out. No more last minute scrambles to find extra teammates.

5. Match-Making, Captain’s Way:

For matches, you’ve got options! You can either a) Play matchmaker and pick your line-up or b) let the team decide their fate. For option a, select "Captain's Pick" on the 2nd page of Create Event. For option b, allow everyone to respond if they are going or not. Either way, HeyGroup's got you.

6. Event Chat - Because Who Wants Spam?

HeyGroup’s “Event Chat” is like that secret meeting room only the cool ones know about. It ropes in just the folks attending the event, so you can plot (or just discuss logistics) without the whole crew eavesdropping.

7. Notifications - The Captain’s Little Helper:

HeyGroup’s got a nifty way of keeping everyone in the loop. Auto-reminders, RSVP nudges, and event alerts. HeyGroup sends a reminder to RSVP 2 days before the event to anyone that hasn't, and for those going it sends a reminder 1 day and 1 hour before the start time. But if you’re feeling extra, and want to throw in a good ol' SMS reminder, there's a big shiny button for that in the event details.

So, fellow captains, while I still haven’t found a way to make my cat wear a pirate hat, I sure have figured out how to lead a team with HeyGroup. Got your own tips'n'tricks for team organizers? Drop them below, and let's make this journey even more legendary!

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