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This NEW Social App is Making Waves

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

New Social App News

A new app is making waves, though small, but certainly there. And it is allowing for groups to be better off than they ever have been before...

A HeyGroup meeting up together
Heygroup friends gathering together

There are so many apps out there that help you with finding a group to be in, but there are not many that are useful when it comes to making the most out of the groups you are already a part of. For a long time, there has been a small mainstream of apps that people have used for communication, mostly focused on group chat capabilities. We all know who they are, but there is another app that is waiting for its turn. While clubs, teams, and social groups have always felt their communication has been decent, it can always be improved, with HeyGroup.

Getting to Know HeyGroup

HeyGroup is a new social app that takes care of the difficult parts of planning so your group can focus on what really matters: getting together. There are other group organization apps out there, but none of them have as many feature, all in one place, as HeyGroup does: group and event-specific chat, an event planner that syncs directly to your calendar, a group expense manager, attendance reports, and several other features. It is a one-stop-shop whose main purpose is to help groups become more organized and efficient.

Some Features

Within the app, HeyGroup provides some stand out features that further differentiate itself from other competitors.

  • Reports - You can create spreadsheets, tables, and graphs to organize information.

  • Minimum and Maximum Attendance Limits - Be more specific with your events.

  • Availability Management - The person who created an event can pick and choose who they want to join them in an event.

  • Waitlists - If someone backs out of an event, someone else is automatically put in their place.

  • Group Chat Polls - Get the group’s opinion on any topic.

  • Group & Event Chat - If you decide to go to an event, you are automatically put into a group chat with just the other people who are going that is separate from the larger group chat.

  • Group Expense Management - Send a payment request to a group of people rather than one at a time. That information is tracked in the group.

  • Quick Plays - Create quick events for specific activities

Our Statement

Something that we have discovered about using HeyGroup is that when creating a group, you get a new sense of commitment from everyone. People are chatting and being more active overall, and you feel more like a community than just a group chat. This app is for people who already have connections and their peers around them, and are not necessarily looking to discover new people. The app is very early on and we can expect several updates in the future that will make the app even more intuitive and necessary moving forward.

The Verdict

We have several years of experience on social media and other media platforms, HeyGroup does things differently. We recommend you check the app out for yourself! Invite a few friends, your colleagues, teammates, or club members and see if it's right for you. We don't think there is any factor that would sway one away from this app as it has only improved our lives. But give it a try, and as they say, don't be any group, be a HeyGroup!

Also be sure to follow HeyGroup on Instagram to stay up to date!

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1 Comment

Matthew Downing
Matthew Downing
Aug 28, 2023

Who doesn’t love HeyGroup!! Glad this is getting some eyes!

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