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How to Turn Casual Connections into Close Friendships

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

It has been proven that close friendships can be harder to create and maintain through adulthood. However nerve-wracking that may be, HeyGroup is here to make the process of bringing your group closer, simpler, and easier.

Ever wonder how to turn your social circle, recreational sports team, friend group, school organization, or club into a close-knit relationship that will stand the test of time? Well, we have the inside scoop on making that magic happen, with a helping hand from HeyGroup!

Building deep friendships can feel like scaling Mount Everest. But do not stand down! We are about to share some secrets that can simplify this process and have you maintaining your friendships in no time.

So, picture this: you are at the tennis club and you genuine think another casual player could be your future partner in crime, the perfect teammate to get the ball rolling on your pickup tennis team’s aspirations. What is next, you ask? Well, that is what we are about to indulge into.

Research tells us that nurturing a casual partnership through a casual group, sports team, or club can sometimes feel like a part-time job, especially amongst other daily responsibilities. When to meetup as a group? What time works best for everyone? What is the closest location that works best? How do we continue to meet time and time again? These are just few of the questions that HeyGroup seeks, and accomplishes, to answer.

But here is the kicker: the effort you put in is worth every second, and if not reciprocated, you group is bound to crumble. Getting together in a group setting with likeminded individuals creates benefits like a stronger sense of belonging, stress reduction, mood enhancement, and invaluable support during rough times. So, let HeyGroup make the difficult parts of planning with your group easier and get together more often!

With this simple guide, we will show you how to smoothly transition from seeing your team once a month to practicing twice per week, bringing your club together more than twice per year, and keeping those friends around for longer with less effort!

Step 1: Find Your Common Ground

Connecting over shared interests is the golden ticket to friendship! Whether it’s your casual recreational tennis team, school student government association, friends that want to throw fancy dinner parties, or anything else, the common ground becomes your safety net in social situations.

Imagine throwing a 90s trivia night with friends who grew up in the 2000s: not so smooth, is it? Having common ground makes the conversation flow naturally, and your worries melt away. Shared experiences and interests serve as the launchpad for friendships, and from there, the sky’s the limit!

Step 2: Be Brave and Follow Up

Do not hold back! If you had a great match, but lost, why not challenge a doubles rematch with quick racket plays? HeyGroup makes event scheduling easy. Use availability management to select those you want to play with, and min and max attendance limits mean no more last-minute scrambles to find a fourth. Great conversation, good vibes, and friendly competition should make you enthusiastic about staying connected. Meet someone new at the court who wants to join the fun? Easily add them to the group and put them into the rotation.

Once your group is established, suggest more and more outings. Vote with group polls about the cuisine for your next dinner party, suggest a fun bar to go out to after the match (and track the payment with expense management because no one wants to get stuck paying the bill), or decide on the next read for book club: the possibilities are endless!

Step 3: Flexibility is Key

Life happens and plans can fall apart. If your friend cannot make it or cancels, do not hit the panic button just yet, but check out the waitlist and pull in another player.

Gracefully accept the change in plans and reschedule if necessary. Your understanding and flexibility will leave a lasting impression and show your group you are the real deal. One failed get together means extra effort for the next.

Step 4: Listen Up!

Listening equals deep connections. People adore those who genuinely care about their lives. Remember birthdays (plan a celebration), inquire about their new job (send a poll to vote on a bar for after-work drinks), and show you are invested in their journey.

Steer clear of being that person who is just waiting for their turn to speak. Engage fully, use body language to show your interest, and ask thoughtful follow-up questions. You will become the star of the group in no time!

Step 5: Be Patient

Remember, Rome was not built in a day, and neither are close groups. But HeyGroup is here to help, expediting that process. It might take a few outings before the ball really gets rolling, and that is perfectly normal.

Sure, there might be a couple of awkward moments along the way, but do not let that deter you. Building a close group is a process that is hard, but you have a secret weapon in your back pocket. Relationships are an investment in your own happiness, and trust us, they are worth every bit of time and energy (but not as much with HeyGroup).

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, play some tennis, throw a dinner party, join a book club, travel the world together, and start living life to the fullest! Your group is waiting to get together.

Download HeyGroup today to turn casual connections into close friendships by making a group, scheduling an event, tracking payments, chating with friends, and so much more!


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