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Is there a better app than TeamSnap for my sports team. Hint: HeyGroup

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Why are coaches choosing HeyGroup vs. TeamSnap? We’ve come up with a few reasons coaches are switching up their sports team management platform.

Unlike TeamSnap, which is a premium group management utility, HeyGroup is a free group communication and coordination platform. HeyGroup helps you build closer connections with your team through stronger communication and scheduling.

Sports teams using HeyGroup report swift communication through group, event, and direct chat options, easier event scheduling with advanced customization features, and all-in-one tracking with expense management and in-app attendance reporting.

HeyGroup not only stacks up against TeamSnap, but competes with the likes of GroupMe, Band, and WhatsApp, completely destroying the competition (see chat below).

Unlike TeamSnap’s multi-tiered offerings, everything on HeyGroup is available for free. With TeamSnap, coaches and teammates were forced to dig into the team’s precious funds or even their own pockets in order to use it. Even at the basic price of around $10 a month, costs can add up to over $100 per season.

To prevent crazy costs and help everyone come together as a team, coaches are choosing HeyGroup!

Download HeyGroup for free to get more features than our competitors!

HeyGroup vs. competitors

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