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HeyGroup in the mountains: CSU Nordic Ski Team

Gliding into the Future of Team Communication: How Justin Arndt is Revolutionizing the CSU Nordic Ski Club

CSU Ski Team

Building A Community

Justin Arndt, the president of the Nordic Ski Club at CSU, is always looking for ways to push his team forward – not just on the trails, but also in how they connect and grow together. This unique club doesn't just focus on racing; it's also about teaching newbies the ropes, fostering a social scene for snow enthusiasts, and providing a competitive outlet for those who crave it. With such a diverse group, Justin knew traditional communication methods were falling short.

In a bold move for his senior year, he ditched GroupMe in favor of HeyGroup, significantly boosting his team's efficiency, communication, and overall engagement. Justin said

“GroupMe was a problem because push notifications did not work well, and we could not tell which members were receiving or reading messages. By consolidating our communications in HeyGroup, we have been able to simplify everything in one hub and save time planning practices and trips.”

Streamlined Communication

Imagine juggling a team of 28 skiers – some seasoned pros, others just finding their ski legs. That was the reality for Justin, he needed a communication tool that could keep everyone in sync, without overwhelming anyone with unnecessary info.

When needing to organize a weekend trip for the competitive racers, he would just create the event in HeyGroup and the app would automatically create a dedicated chat channel, keeping the casual skiers blissfully unaware.  No more messy GroupMe threads or fragmented iMessage chains. Another major pain point was, if someone had an Android phone, the whole chain would fall apart and Justin would be back at square one!

With HeyGroup, Justin effortlessly segments his team, tailoring communication as needed saving him hours of admin work and allowing him to focus on what truly matters: fostering a thriving ski community where everyone feels connected, supported, and inspired to achieve their own goals.

HeyGroup’s Hidden Superpower

Justin discovered a hidden benefit for his team in the mountains: a killer signal. While GroupMe throws a tantrum when the cell service drops, Justin has found that HeyGroup works, even when there are barely two bars. This unexpected perk has been a lifesaver for Justin's crew, making sure they stay connected even when they're far from civilization.

Easy Transition

Onboarding the ski team onto HeyGroup was a breeze. Justin airdropped the invite link, hit the "delete" button on GroupMe, and voila – everyone was seamlessly moved to HeyGroup. The message was  clear: HeyGroup was the new team hub, and if you weren't on it, you were officially out of the loop.

A Game Changer

Justin believes HeyGroup is great for any team:

“It’s been a game changer for us and has the functionality to meet the needs of any organization.  HeyGroup has constantly updated their app and is working hard to reach the goals and needs of every team” 

For Justin and his team, HeyGroup isn't just a communication tool; it's the glue that holds their community together, whether they're carving up fresh powder or planning their next team outing.


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