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Why YOU Should become a Campus Ambassador

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Understand how it is to work with a company that is trying to build a better community.

The world is changing, rapidly, and so are our habits. We're staying inside much more often than we used to because of technology, we're not seeing our friends in person as much, and there are fewer people playing in organized sports than there used to be just 10 years ago. At HeyGroup, we want to be part of the solution to this problem, and we want you to be a part of it as well!

If you take a look at HeyGroup, you notice that the entire reason we exist is to promote getting people together again, in person. And that is what your job would be as an ambassador as well. Your job as a HeyGroup Ambassador will be to promote the idea of getting together with your peers more often, the fact that they will be more organized in the process, and that this app can be their universal app that keeps everything they need, all in one place. Pretty simple! Right?

The Way it Works

As an Ambassador, your job is to get people onto the HeyGroup app. This is best done by convincing larger groups of people you know to download the app together with each other, not just individuals. You will have a unique referral code under the referral screen which can be accessed from the megaphone icon on the top of the home page. For your referrals to count, you must make sure that the people you onboard, download the app through your referral link and not just through the app store. For every person you get to download the app through your referral link will result in $5 being added to what we owe you for your efforts. Payments will be given out in increments of 25 people.

What this means for YOU

Put yourself out there! Promote the app through social media and events! Ask the HeyGroup team for graphics and content for promotion, and seek out those larger groups. You are the next piece that exists to help promote the social wellness of our society. Our main goal is to bring people together, and that is all we ask out of you too.

Please now fill out the Ambassador Form on our website so we can get in contact with you.

Thanks! - The HeyGroup Team


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