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HeyGroup strives to achieve a consistent state of design when it comes to all of it's properties. Our use of photography has specific guidelines when being used.

Overall Guidelines

As a brand, it is important to us that our photography associated with us has a purpose. That is why from a general standpoint we like to take into account that our images include:

- A good atmosphere

- A variety of color and excitement

- Images that are relative to the topic

- Images that usually consist of at least 3 people (unless directed otherwise)

- The image is high quality

- People in images are approximately between the ages of 18-50 years old

Good Examples

Bad Examples

These images should be excluded from the HeyGroup brand if they are subject to, or related in any way towards:

- A bad atmosphere

- A condescending image

- Images that are NOT relative to the topic

- Images promote alcohol or any other substance

- The image is low quality

- People in images are outside of the ages of 18-50 years old

- Images include any sort of watermark or are claimed by another source without consent

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