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HeyGroup Release 8.23

All you need to know about the latest release of HeyGroup

Release details


  • New group details view with the ability to add URL / web links

  • New simplified group create flow

  • Group details moved to primary page for users to easily see more details


  • Introducing a new event type, "Play", allowing users to either select an existing group or create a new one. Depending on the selection, users can move forward to either pick group members for the new play event or proceed with creating a new group, adding contacts, and then transitioning to the new play event screen.

  • On the new play event screen, users can set key details for the event. This includes naming the activity, selecting player count (2 or 4), determining date, time, and duration, and adding any extra comments. Popular racket sports like Tennis and Pickleball are provided as default options, but users can customize these preferences by favoriting alternative activities.

  • Upon completing event details, users will be directed to a celebratory "Congrats" screen. Additionally, there's a revamped event details experience, granting users the flexibility to chat either exclusively with event participants or the broader group.

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