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HeyGroup Release 8.13

All you need to know about the latest release of HeyGroup

Release details


  • You can now add users directly to groups and begin inviting them to events and related features. When the invite user eventually signs up to HeyGroup, they will see the groups you have added them to. You should still send them an invite to the group so that they know they have been added.

  • New default groups added to the home screen


  • Number of available members shown on the event summary

  • Hide events that are linked to a hidden group


  • New quick links for photo and camera added to the send chat feature

  • Ability to create a new event from group chat, using the event carousel

My profile

  • User profiles have been updated with an "About me" section so that you can share more information about yourself with other group members


  • New email notification option added, for users that prefer email over push notifications


  • Chat and notifications now scale to the preferred font size on your phone

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